Taking care of quality is<br>the foundation of our business.
Rubin Food Group is a holding of companies.
Experience guarantees peace (safety).
Małopolska – full of advantages

Taking care of quality is
the foundation of our business.

We take utmost care to do our best in each element of the production and Customer service process.

This continuous strive at perfection is an inspiration for us and a guarantee of quality for our Clients.

We believe it is the basis of our success and it is demonstrated in our clients’ satisfaction, our market position and company safety.

Relying on our experience we know that quality is also the most durable element in building trust and a foundation of good relations with the environment.


Rubin Food Group is a holding of companies.

We are a group of businesses which offer complex realization of the needs of our Suppliers and Clients. The combination of various competences allows us to take care of each stage of production and service – including transport and food storage. Thanks to this, Clients of Rubin Food Group do not have to worry about logistics issues and obtain a complete product.



Rubin Food Group, as a company with impressive experience and knowledge gained through many years of operating in the industry, covers other producers of beef meat with its support, creating a unique Rubin (Ruby) collection. The collection comprises only those brands which, like our company, put consistency (repeatability) and the highest quality of the products. These are brands which excel in precision of meat selection, model care for each element of production process and delight their clients just like unique precious stones.

Experience guarantees peace (safety).

In Rubin Food Group we especially value experience and professionalism. Our executives have worked in this industry for many years, so they possess relevant competences and knowledge. We also emphasize investment in employees. We believe that a combination of experience and skills is necessary if the company wants to develop.


Małopolska – full of advantages

Our production plant is located in Myślachowice in Małopolska province. We think that its location, at the foot of the Carpathian Mountains, in beautiful nature, is a strong asset. Clear air and nature untouched by civilization, offer the best possible conditions for raising cattle. We are proud and happy to be able to work in this place.