Beef meat production
Transport of food products
Optimal conditions for storing food products

Beef meat production

This brand concentrates on production of high quality beef meat.

The knowledge of employees is based on experience passed from generation to generation in this family business.

Of equal importance is also an innovative approach which accounts for the fact that beef meat produced by Rubin Beef meets severe European standards. We have a state of the art cutting and deboning lines which allow us to complete all kinds of orders, freshly frozen (chilled), roll-packed, vacuum packed.

The whole production process is controlled by BPCS impuls Evo system, which enables us to constantly analyze and optimize the process at each stage.

Thanks to the individual design of the production plant, it can process orders for various individual Clients, such as hotels and restaurants as well as mass customers.

The highest quality of products is confirmed by certificates received by Rubin Beef brand:


Our ambitions allow us to carry out our plans, which are definitely large-scale. We are already exporting our beef meat to most European countries as well as to some Asian countries.

Beef quality selection

To maintain the highest standards of beef selection, our products are categorized into a few quality brands.

Rubin Beef Orient™ brand was designated for Oriental Chefs. Working at high temperatures, ensuring the crispness and juiciness of meat, acquiring a variety of flavours, the Rubin Beef Orient ™ brand will do all this.  Learn more…

Rubin Beef Prime™ is a beef grade with the highest degree of marbling. Thanks to this, it retains its unique taste and delicacy, despite treatment at the highest temperatures. It is suitable for all types of processing and its unique features are appreciated by beef experts from around the world.  Learn more…

Rubin Beef Select™ is a beef class with an average amount of greasy. Marbling is lower here than in the Rubin Beef Prime ™ grade, it is still great for processing at high temperatures while maintaining the right taste and crispiness.  Learn more…

Rubin Beef Choice™ Ruby Beef Choice ™ is a low-marbled beef grade. It is intended for slower preparation, using cooking and stewing. Ideally suited for goulash, roast beef.  Learn more…

Transport of food products

The brand belonging to Rubin Food Group, dealing with servicing transport fleet. Close cooperation with other entities in the group guarantees efficient production and delivery process and ensures our customers receive food on time. Own transport also increases safety and lowers reliance on external factors.

We have our own vehicle fleet which allows us to be independent distributors. All our vehicles are regularly checked and equipment is regularly replaced. We can be sure that all our machines work and are safe for the products and thus for consumers. All this guarantees that the ordered goods will reach our client on time.

In our company, transport – though the last element of the whole process – is equally important to other factors. In fact, it is a ruby icing on the cake. The most vital aspect of transport in our company is to make sure that transported goods are kept in exactly the same temperature as during the whole production process.

The perfect quality of products we offer can be largely attributed to this factor.

Optimal conditions for storing food products

The primary need to build a large coldstore was our Rubin Beef brand which, in order to preserve the so-called “food chain” required storage space. Since then we have expanded our capacities and since 2014 we have also been offering our Clients the food product storage services.

Our coldstores are equipped with high-class cooling equipment which keeps proper constant temperature and protects the quality of our products.